The Elite Pool

The Elite Pool

Train Like the Pros, from the Comfort of Home


The Endless Pools® Elite model delivers the speed and power to push ambitious athletes to greatness. The Elite doubles as a private stroke lab for observing and refining swim technique. How do world-class swimmers and triathletes blow past their personal bests? Efficiency.

The Hydrodrive™ Pro current in our Elite pool moves more than double the water volume of our Original pool without sacrificing its smooth precision. Choose our Underwater Mirrors for real-time feedback. With the Elite pool, you can develop a more efficient stroke to go faster with less effort.

Design & Price

Customise your Original model and watch it come to life with our 3D Pool Builder.

Explore the Elite

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Our Elite Current

Our exclusive technology lets you swim without interruption and add adjustable core resistance to any exercise. The professional-grade current boasts a top speed equal to a 0:51/100-yard pace.

Swim Mirror

Our optional, angled Swim Mirror lets you observe your hand entry, pull-through and shoulder rolls for real-time improvements. For a full-body view, add our spacious Floor Mirror (not shown; it can rest securely on the Underwater Treadmill).

Innovative Construction

Our steel-panel walls deliver for durability and customizability. Our sturdy vinyl liner comes in an array of colors/patterns and is 40% thicker than traditional liners.

Underwater Treadmill

Run, jog, or walk in water's low-impact environment. It's a must for fitness, weight loss, and cross-training. (Optional)

Proprietary Water Conditioning System

Unique to our Original Series pools is a complex array of channels with underwater grills and veins that keep the water free of turbulence. As a bonus, they also serve as perimeter benches, an access step, and a secure place to stand for your littlest swimmers.

Finishing Options

With a range of color choices, our Ascent Skirting and Apex Coping give you a stylish, durable finish for your pool, indoors or outside. (Optional; you can also locally source your own finishing materials.)

8’x14’ Water Area (standard) Customizable from 8’x14’ to 10’x16’
* 8′ x 14′ model shown above
** 9′ widths have been removed from our size assortment. They are no longer available for purchase.

Water Depth
39” (standard) 45” & 51” (optional) Custom/multiple depths available

Design Features

Current Type
Endless Pools® Professional-Grade Current, top pace of 0:51/100 yards (Platinum or Sapphire housing)

Multiple Solid & Patterned Liner Options

Durable Cabinet/Coping options or Customizable with locally sourced materials

Modular Steel & Reinforced Acrylic

Lighting System
Optional Underwater Pool Lights

Hydromassage Jets
Optional with custom placement

Perimeter Benches

Options & Accessories


Exercise Equipment Options
Underwater Treadmill, Aquabike, Swim & Floor Mirrors

Additional Options
Endless Pools Fit@Home® Wifi Kit & Mobile App, Accessibility Features

Power & Maintenance

Electrical Requirements
220v/30amp single-phase

4,000 watt

Water Care
Skimmer (removable cartridge)


Standard Liner Colours

Apex Coping Colours

Ascent Skirting Colours