Package Price From £6999

Package Includes :
  • 2-Tier Steps
  • Coverlifter
  • Insulating Cover
  • Chemical Starter Pack
  • Chemical Presentation
  • Bluetooth
  • Standard* Set-Up & Installation
  • Full Commissioning of the Spa

This compact single lounge hot tub was the design focal point for the entire Earth Spas range. With its perfectly proportioned compact exterior, it offers an unrivaled spacious seating for up to 4 adults inside. The Erebus brings a truly versatile spa when space is of a premium. Whether it’s a quiet night in with your partner, inviting your friends over for a glass of wine and a soak or just a bit of splashing around with the children, the Erebus ticks the box.

This hot tub benefits from 28 high-performance jets including a powerful foot blaster, a unique hybrid lounge, a peaceful water feature and a Bluetooth audio pack with sub-woofer. All Earth Spas are built to be energy efficient and with the optional fully integrated EcoSmart73 upgrade, you can save up to 73% on heating costs when compared with only using a standard electrical element.

Erebus Colour Options

Erebus is available in four great, easy to maintain acrylic colour finishes. Our shells are produced by Aristech Acrylics®, the leading provider of acrylic sheets for the spa and hot tub industry for almost 50 years, guaranteeing you a great finish that’s incredibly long lasting.

Erebus Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Erebus Odyssey


Erebus Espresso
Erebus Pearl Shadow
Pearl Shadow

Erebus Hydrotherapy Systems

Hybrid Lounger
Allow your aches and pains to simply melt away from head to toe with the feeling of your own personal masseuse in this hybrid lounger for people of different heights.
Deep Bucket Seat
The back Jets have been designed to follow the natural curvature of the spine to reach the most desired areas for effective pain relief. Paired with high pressured thigh jets for a deep tissue massage, this seat will leave you feeling tense free.
The Second Seat
Relax as the jets create the optimal blood circulation to soothe any aches and pains in the upper and lower back.
Side Seat
The perfect seat for those suffering with lower back pain. The Jet here can be angled to target the specific area and will help relieve those constant daily niggles!
Child Seat / Cooldown Seat
Now you can enjoy the spa with the whole family with this designated seat for little ones! Or, if you start to feel a little hot but are not quite ready to get out you can sit here to cool off.

Erebus Specifications

  • Water Feature
  • Music
    Bluetooth, 2 surface speakers plus sub-woofer
  • Lights
    LED multi-colour. Perimeter, cup holders plus foot-well
  • Frame
    Timberless Interlock
  • Base
    ABS Interlocking
  • Insulation
    2.5cm reflective foam heat lock
  • Description
    Compact single lounge spa
  • Capacity
    4-5 Seats
  • Ideal For
    Couple plus friends / small family
  • Dimensions
    200 x 200 x 86 cm
  • Dimensions
    79 x 79 x 34 Inch
  • Seat Config
    3 Seats 1 Lounger 1 Step/Child Seat
  • Number Of Jets
  • Pumps
    1 x 635lpm single speed and 1 x 0.53hp circulation pump
  • Heater
    2kW Electric
  • Min Power Supply
    13A or 16A
  • No Of Filters
  • Water Capacity
    987 Litres
  • Dry Weight
  • Wet Weight
  • Acrylic
    Aristech - USA
  • Controls
    Gecko - Canada
  • Design

33Having an EcoSmart73 system is the newest and most efficient way of running your Spa.

With your Spa being EcoSmart73 ready all you need to do is simply purchase the add-on, have it connected and you’re good to go!

The latest heating efficiency pack uses an eco-friendly refrigerant reducing costs up to 73% and the impact on the environment.

Also adding flexibility, it has 6 different modes available to not only heat up but also cool down!

If you are looking for the newest, most energy efficient form of heating and regulating your spa, look no further than the Eco Smart 73 system. All our Earth Spas come Eco Smart 73 ready giving you the option to save up to 73% in running costs and to significantly reduce the impact on our environment. The latest air sourced heat pump uses an eco-friendly refrigerant ensuring the lowest amount of power used in the smartest way. This new solution brings total flexibility and has 6 different modes available to not only heat up but also cool down!

Energy Savings

The latest, groundbreaking air source heat pump uses the most environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant ensuring the lowest amount of power is used in the smartest way. Compared to standard electric elements, this system allows you to save up to 73% in energy costs. Being Eco Smart 73 isn’t only about saving you money. This intelligent solution only requires a remarkable input of 0.9kw in order to produce 5kw output minimising any impact to your carbon footprint.

Smart Modes

Eco Smart 73 is an intelligent system that caters for total flexibility of your requirements. With the choice of six different modes: EcoHeat, Smart Heat, Eco Auto, Smart Auto, Cool and Electric you will always be able to relax in perfect temperatures, no matter the weather! These smart modes give you constant peace of mind your spa is working the most intelligent way to not only keep you relaxed but also making sure you optimize on your savings!

Plug & Play

Eco Smart 73 is a fully integrated system and a plug and play solution meaning being more eco-friendly has never been easier. No additional power circuits are required, and everything can be controlled simply from a touch of your control panel.