Pure Style


StonescapeStonescapeStoneScape exterior is patterned after actual tumbled stones. The cabinet’s natural stone-like beauty and durability comes in a popular gray/earth tone palette that blends with the outdoors. It is an ideal and affordable style complement to a growing hardscape trend.
DesigndesignaEvery fluid line on is a deliberate style choice made to enhance your sensory enjoyment. On a Caldera Spa, organic patterns dominate the design, from the smooth shaped diverter valves to the natural footwell formation and contoured seats. It’s all a deliberate nod to the nature and the outdoors where you’ll enjoy relaxing in health and peace.
Spa EnhancementsenhancmentsAccessorize your Caldera hot tub with a wide range of options that make your spa uniquely yours. Choose from an array of conveniences including steps, cover lifters, hand rails, umbrellas and hydro massage jet kits all designed to help you relax and enjoy your own private retreat.