Pure Comfort, Pure Vitality

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy
Deeper SeatsDeeper SeatsCaldera Spas seats are built to maximize comfort by cradling your body in a secure “hug-like” position that allows you to fully experience the warm, massaging waters. Caldera hot tubs are known for their elegant, organic style with fluid lines and sculpted jet recesses.
Foot Ridge®FootridgeThe unique Foot Ridge® supports your heels and keeps you in your seat as powerful jets provide a reflexology-type massage to revive the tired soles of your feet—whether you’re 5’1″ or 6’1″ tall.
Lighted Assist BarLight Assist BarA carefully placed, lighted assist bar helps to make getting in and out of the spa effortless and safe.
Contoured PillowContoured PillowSit back and let our soft, contoured pillow cushion your head in comfort.